With deaf sports, there are certain eligibility criteria that needs to be adhered to, to be able to compete at certain events. This eligibility criteria is limited to the level of deafness or hearing loss in an athlete, and not related to one's ability to sign!

Click on the following file link below to access Eligibility to Participate information (PDF, 280KB)

Over recent years there has been a loosening of this eligibility criteria for our National Deaf Basketball Club Championships as well as the Australia Deaf Games, mainly to increase participation levels and to gain more exposure out in the wider community. This is an event for anyone with a level of deafness or hearing less, and not limited to just the culturally Deaf participants. 

If you are unsure of the level of a hearing loss and would like to find out more information, contact Deaf Sports Australia by emailing active@deafsports.org.au or calling (03) 9473 1191